Cheapest energy providers in the Netherlands this fall

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Looking for a cheap energy contract in the Netherlands? At Energie Aanbiedingen we provide an overwiew of available energy provider and their contracts. Some are much cheaper than others. In this article you will find out which energy providers have the overall cheapest offer this fall.

1-year fixed price energy providers are the cheapest

Generally, 1-year fixed price energy contracts are cheaper with better prices and cashbacks. This price advantage between a 1-year and 3-year contract can vary between € 111,- and  € 355,- per year with an average energy usage of 2500 kWh electricity and 1000 m3 gas.  

Choosing for a 1-year energy contract also gives you the benefit of a fixed price throughout the year and the flexibility to cancel your contract after 1 year. 

The cheapest energy providers and their offers

In many cases, the 3 energy providers mentioned below, have the cheapest offer for most households. But prices may vary according to your address. 

Therefor always make a comparison between the available energy deals to see if the following offers are the cheapest for your situation as well. 

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Innova Energie 1 year with cashback

For larger households with an energy usage of 3500 kWh and 1500 m3 or more, Innova Energie is probably the cheapest energy provider at this moment. Innova Energie gives new customers a pretty high cashback of € 370,- at this moment which makes a great difference on the total energy costs. 

Innova Energie is a smaller and lesser known energy provider in the Netherlands with about 100.000 customers. But they are known for their fairly cheap energy contracts because of their relatively high cashback deals. 

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Energiedirect 1 year with cashback

Is your energy usage 2500 kWh and 1000 m3 or less? Than is most likely the cheapest energy provider for your household at this moment. Energiedirect also gives a cashback up to € 130,- on their 1-year offer.

Energiedirect has about 700.000 energy customers and they are part of one of largest energy firms of Europe. 

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Budget Energie 1 year with cashback

Are you perhaps looking for a cheap but more well known energy provider? Then Budget Energie is an eexcellent choice. Budget Energie is the 4th biggest energy provider of the Netherlands with about 1 million customers. 

Regardless of their size, Budget Energie is also one of the cheapest providers for both for small and larger households this fall. They now offer a 1-year energy deal with a cashback between € 125,- to € 205,- cashback, depending on your energy usage.

Budget Energie provides full digital service. They also known for their no-nonsense energy approach. Are you looking for a liable provider with cheap prices? Then Budget Energie might be one of your best options as well.

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