Cheapest energy offers for this winter in the Netherlands

Best energy offers this winter 2024

Are you looking for the most budget-friendly energy contracts in the Netherlands for this winter? At Energie Aanbiedingen, we're here to help you find the best energy deals available during these chilly months.

1-year fixed-price contracts are  cheapest this winter

The most affordable energy offers you'll come across this winter all revolve around 1-year fixed-price contracts. In the winter season, electricity and gas consumption tends to rise, which can drive up prices as supplies dwindle. By opting for these energy contracts, you lock in a fixed price for your electricity and gas for an entire year. This shields you from the risk of prices fluctuating unfavorably.

The following energy providers have some of the most cost-effective energy offers this winter, exclusively for new customers who use both electricity and gas.

1. Budget Energie: 1-year contract with €250 cashback

The title of the cheapest energy provider this winter goes to Budget Energie, thanks to their 1-year fixed-price energy contracts. Budget Energie offers the most cost-effective contract for an average household using 2500 kWh of electricity and 1000 m³ of gas. With this contract, you can also receive up to €250 in cashback based on your energy consumption.

Budget Energie boasts a customer base of over 1 million and ranks as the fourth-largest energy provider in the Netherlands. They frequently offer cashback energy deals for new customers, provide fully digital services, and are an excellent choice for those seeking affordability and reliability in their energy provider.

2. Energiedirect: 1-year contract with up to € 300 cashback

The second most budget-friendly energy provider this winter is Energiedirect. They currently offer an energy deal where you can earn up to € 300,- in cashback for their 1-year fixed-price contract. The cashback amount is determined by your gas consumption, with higher usage resulting in a larger cashback. This makes Energiedirect an ideal choice for households with high gas consumption.

Energiedirect serves around 700,000 energy customers and is affiliated with one of Europe's largest energy firms.

3. Oxxio: 1-year contract with up to €260 cashback

Securing the third spot for the best energy offer in the Netherlands this winter is Oxxio, offering a 1-year fixed-price contract. With Oxxio, you can earn a cashback ranging from €190 to €260 based on your energy consumption.

Unlike most energy providers, Oxxio doesn't follow the trend of offering higher cashback for higher energy consumption. Currently, they provide the highest cashback for households using 2500 kWh of electricity and approximately 1300 m³ of gas. Oxxio's competitive pricing for both electricity and gas, combined with substantial cashback incentives, positions them as one of the most economical energy providers this winter.

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